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Britain’s Got Talent Auditions for TV in 2017


I am proud to be able to say I have done well enough in the Britain’s Got Talent Auditions to have been chosen to go through to the next stage of auditioning, but this time before the panel of judges and being filmed for TV broadcast. It is going to be in January or February of 2017 and I am now waiting for my date. I have been told the auditions will be at a venue in London, Birmingham, Manchester or Blackpool. I am naturally very excited about this and don’t care which city it is, though I have said I would prefer London or Birmingham.

BGT Auditions so far in Merthyr Tydfil and Birmingham

I have been in two auditions so far for BGT. The first was in Merthyr Tydfil and was held in a building in the main shopping centre by the bus station. I wasn’t really knowing what to expect and didn’t know how long I would get or if I should do my own songs or covers. So I posted on Facebook asking my friends and supporters there what they thought. About half said I should do covers and the others said to perform my own material. My song Kingfisher was named by a lot of people as a good choice. With divided opinion I still didn’t know what to do.

However, I thought colourful clothing and my beard and hair dyed green would impress the auditioners, so I donned my purple velvet jacket and got to work with the hair dye. I was glad I did because one of the first things one of the two people in the auditioning team said was how much she liked my jacket.

I told the BGT auditioning team, who were called Paul and Gabriella, that I had asked my Facebook friends whether I should do a cover or my own song and asked if it was OK for me to do maybe a sample from each or maybe the whole song, if I had time. They let me do a cover and my own song and I performed Let’s Twist Again and my Kingfisher. They liked both and were applauding a lot so I asked if I could just do one more and they let me. I did my version of Stand By Me and told my auditioners that I ask the audience to come and join me for this. I invite them to actually Stand By Me! This worked very well because Paul and Gabriella came and stood each side of me and were moving their bodies to my music. They captured the performance on camera and told me how much they had enjoyed my act. I went away feeling that I had done really well but couldn’t be certain I had got through any further because they told me that if I was successful I would hear from someone from BGT.


A sheet of paper I was given said that I had completed the audition and would be notified by a date in February if I was successful, and that if I hadn’t heard by then that I hadn’t. I was prepared for a long wait but got a call from Paul just a couple of weeks later telling me I had made it through to the next auditions in Birmingham. He said it would be either the 22nd or 23rd. I was told in a subsequent phone-call that it would be at the ICC Birmingham and my time and date was 2pm on Sunday the 23rd.


The weeks flew by and I caught the train to Birmingham, taking my acoustic guitar in a hard case. I wasn’t going to risk a soft case in case the strings went out of tune which would have spelled disaster. I must admit that I am not good at tuning guitar strings. Anyway, I found the ICC easily enough and could immediately see how really big BGT is and what I was up against in the auditions.

There was a billboard size BGT poster outside the building and inside there were queues of people and lots of BGT staff supervising affairs and directing people to where they should go. Eventually I got to do my audition and it was in a much bigger room this time. I repeated my story about asking on Facebook what song I should do, and the auditioners kindly let me do two songs again. This time I did a love song entitled Ever Yours, which I have now recorded produced by Jayce Lewis at his amazing Northstone Studios, and I followed up with Stand By Me. Again the auditioning team joined me for the song and filmed it all.


Again I was told that they couldn’t tell me if I was successful or not because they have lots more people to audition but that I would hear from them by 11 Feb if I had made it through. I was advised to stick around because they might want to film me. I did stick around and was led outside where I was filmed carrying my guitar. I was told this may or may not be used at some point next year. I was also filmed sitting on a trunk and taking my sunglasses on and off.

There were some other colourful acts who were in the auditions and were being filmed too. One of them was my friend Jason Watkins, whom I knew from when I lived in Tenerife some years back. He does a Boy George show but also a comic gay Elvis. He was dressed in his Elvis gear and wearing shades for his BGT audition. It was because of the Elvis get-up that I didn’t recognise him but he recognised me even though my appearance has changed. It was a great surprise to meet Jason at this event.

Eventually I had to get back to Cardiff and went to catch my train for my return journey. Lots of people in the streets of Birmingham were complimenting me on my appearance and some of them took photos of me. The bushy green beard is a big hit with the public it seems!

So now I am excitedly waiting for my date next year. This could be my big break. Wish me luck!

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