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152 x 229_Cover_artwork (25.8mm) book cover copy

The books above are available from my publisher Moon Books.  These two herbals offer a fascinating look into the world of herbalism. Herbs of the Northern Shaman is in its second edition, having originally been published in America by Loompanics Unlimited. The new edition features updated and additional text, as well as stunning colour photos to replace the black and white ones and illustrations in the first edition.

Herbs of the Sun, Moon and Planets takes an in depth look at why the ancient herbalists, such as Nicholas Culpepper, assigned herbs to astrological rulers.  It also describes the known medicinal and culinary uses of the plants described.


Also there is a Kindle edition of The Bard Word anthology of poetry and lyrics available from Amazon. This book is a collection of my poems, old and new, and in many different styles, as well as the words to many of my most popular songs.

The artwork for the cover is a collage I once created and called “The News.”

Fellow poet and writer, and my partner for the past few years, Melissa Houghton, who edited The Bard Word wrote: ‘Blue-Bearded Guy (or sometimes green), otherwise known as ‘The Bard of Ely,’ otherwise known as Steve Andrews, might present these poems to you as a child would: something for you to put on display, praise profusely, either inwardly but preferably outwardly. That’s because he has a taste for the stage life. And glows, though not in a needy way, from all types of attention. He has nothing to hide. Not one to shy away from the adulation of his loyal fan, he lets himself indulge in the things most only claim to seek, in our “look at me! look at me! society.” Bus rides, country walks, drunken hazes, lost loves, the subject matter treated from the perspective of someone who knows how to suffer and yet retain his childlike innocence.The Bard of Ely draws inspiration from his large array of experiences, infusing his astonishment at nature’s unexpected shapes and surprises. An anthology of selected poems and lyrics by Steve Andrews, the Bard of Ely.’



If Ed Sheeran can have a massive hit with a love song like Thinking Out Loud perhaps I can too? A new single entitled Ever Yours  and recorded at Northstone Studios in Bridgend, where it was produced by Jayce Lewis, has been released on Spotify and iTunes.  It is also available from Amazon.

This recording is a new treatment for an old song of mine, and it is a song that many people have complimented me on in the past. I even once got to sing a very early acoustic version of Ever Yours at the wedding party for Robin and Bina Williamson.

Jayce and I are planning on getting together again to work on recording an album of my songs in 2017.  I have other love songs that I want to re-record and bring them up to date with a new sound and arrangements and am confident that working with Jayce at Northstone is the way forward for my music.

I have also recorded the songs Living Book and Girl Singer with Jayce doing the production. Both songs are available at my Reverb Nation site where I am at number 1 for singer-songwriters in Lisbon.


I have a new CD EP out on the German Moloko label owned by Ralf Friel. Tracks on the EP are Kingfisher, Harvest Home, Priest of the Venusians, One To Three (Crum’s mix) and Real Love and Communication.  The EP is available by post for $6 or £5 if you send me a message with you name and address and I can accept payments via paypal.